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TJ and Gabe bring you Deephouseyoga Burst.

DHY Bursts are10 minute yoga sessions for your mind, body and soul, with a backdrop of funky soulful vinyl house.

Short n snappy, DHY Bursts bring a new shimmy to your day and provide a burst of positive energy. If you're in need of a morning uplift, a journey away from work, a pre/post workout stretch, or a wind-down before bed, these 10 minute delights are just for you. 

Your subscription gives you access to a minimum of 20 Bursts per month which can be used in any order and at any time to suit you. New Bursts are added every week and Bonus Bursts including 

meditation, crystal healing, yoga and DJ mixtapes are added every month.

Ideal for all abilities, DHY Bursts will complement your current yoga practice or kickstart your yoga journey. 

Alternatively you can access free sessions in the Freeburst channel with simple sign-up.


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to start?

Click subscribe on any of the previews above in the DHY Burst channel

£15 a month easy sign-up, 1 click to cancel, no minimum term

(min 20 Bursts per month)

Brand new Bursts added to your library weekly 

Bonus Bursts added monthly.

Fancy a little taster then access free sessions in Freeburst channel. 

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