Cosmic Chakras

11 Feb - 9 March 2021

currently available to book

Your Cosmic online package includes:

  • incense infused cosmic journal. (to your door).

  • new moon opening chapter manifesting yoga session  

  • crescent moon meditation 

  • first quarter waxing moon empowering yoga session  

  • gibbous moon visualisation

  • full moon yoga

  • disseminating moon healing

  • third quarter soothing yoga 

  • balsamic moon closing chapter                          

The above sessions are available live and downloadable

Cosmic Chakras Course 11 Feb - 9 March 2021

Springing into spring using the lunar cycle and the superpower of the sun to retune our chakras and offload whatever needs ditching as we prepare to park up the winter season. During this Cosmic Chakra course we will be tapping into the different phases as the moon passes through our skies, in addition we will be scooping up a decent helping of warm, firey, solar energy to set us up for spring. A combination of yoga and meditation sessions, together with essential oils, herbs, crystals and some journaling, will be just the tonic for our new season ahead.

Living life with Lunar Love.

It's hardly surprising, being cyclical creatures, the linear Monday to Sunday week can sometimes have us feeling stuck, restricted and limited to the concept of living life on a straight line. These limitations can restrict our understanding of our moods, hormones, happiness, physical energy, sex drive, creativity, and our overall mental, physical, emotional health and well-being.

Conversely, when we connect our inner compass with that of the natural cycle of the moon, things become clearer, we are reminded that we flow and prefer cycles to the rigidity of a straight line. When we switch to living in harmony with the lunar phases, we tune into our own natural rhythm by harnessing the power of lunar energy.

We work with our emotional, physical and mental changes and understand, like the moon, we move through different stages each month. For example, leading up to the new moon we may experience a reflective phase, needing to be silent, calm and a need to retreat from the world for a while. In contrast as we head to the full moon phase we become aware of our superpower, tap into our self-confidence, self-esteem, passions, creativity and can often feel a surge in our energy levels.

Cosmic will be exploring the energies of a lunar cycle, through yoga, meditation, essential oils, crystals, food and healing.  Cosmic will assist us on our quest to get to know ourselves better, understand our mood-swings, energy levels and health patterns. By connecting with each lunar phase, we will harness our energy to discover which times of the month are good to begin new ventures, when we should be resting, when our body needs nurturing and healing and when we need to be with others or come to our own space.

If you are reading this and it resonates, come and head out on an adventure hand in hand with grandmother moon’s wisdom and let her take us along on her journey through each of her quirky phases.