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Deephouseyoga...3 years into the journey. TJ and Gabe have had so so much fun sharing vinyl house music and shaking asanas all over the north.


"What a great way to spend a Friday evening with you 2 lovelies. Amazing session, awesome tunes. Loved it. When's the next one !!"

The journey has been amazing playing sets at festivals, Leeds Well Being week, Kendal Brewery Arts Centre, Leeds Corn Exchange, Mackie Mayor Manchester, Square Chapel Halifax and of course at our resident Om is where the heart is, where we have our regular (booked up) slot.

"Am loving deephouseyoga!

Thank you so much !!"

Recent deephouseyoga advent went down a snowstorm!

1-24 December 2020


deephouseyoga advent

That 1st of December feeling.... All is bright as we deck our halls with funky vinyl magic and warrior our winter wonderland. If you wanna rock your December, dive wholeheartedly into the chestnut roasting, smelly cheese nibbling, charading, white Christmas dreaming season, this 5-10 mins of daily deep house yoga is just for you. It's £1 a day, that's £24 for an advent calendar you'll never forget. Shine on with deephouseyoga, board the funky house yoga train bound for Christmas day, raise your spirits, hands and roof as we spread the vinyl love, and yoga throughout the land of December.